Relief Efforts

The Novel Corona Virus has taken a toll on everyone’s lives. The economically weaker sections have been affected the most. Apna School is an initiative by Marwah Studios which was started few years back to impart free of cost education to the unprivileged children. It has now expanded to 12 branches, reaching different slum and village areas of Noida. During this Pandemic, it has instituted COVID-19 Relief Package to aid the needy in such difficult times. As a part of the initiative, different activities have been undertaken, such as:

  • Free food and ration distribution
  • Distributed of masks, sanitizers and gloves.
  • Organization of education camps to brief on the basic information related to COVID-19, such as its symptoms, immunity boosting habits and medicines, practices of social distancing and isolation, regular hand washing and sanitizing homes, etc.

This initiative is taken with the aim to spread awareness regarding the COVID-19 virus and to ensure that the basic food and sanitization needs are fulfilled at the grass roots.


Mid 2019 and ongoing


New Delhi