Annual Festivals
Actively involved in the promotion of economic and social development to promote Love, Peace and Unity through Global Film Festival, Global Literary Festival, Global Festival of Journalism, and other Art & Culture activities, thereby, inspiring millions of people around the globe.
Global Film Festival
Global Film Festival Noida is world’s biggest Film Festival that celebrates the essence of Cinema with a seamless convergence of the global film community with cine-enthusiasts and cine-artists. The prime idea is that everybody can tell a story when trained and nurtured into a sparkling film-professional.
The festival boasts of different film makers and Cine personalities who showcase their films and participate in exhibitions, workshops, seminars highlighting the latest developments in the field of Cinema.
Global Festival of Journalism
Journalism acts as the strongest weapon which can change the world. The festival is organized with the strong motive of providing significant journalism education to the aspiring as well as established media personalities.
The 3-day mega event comprises of various workshops, seminars, interactions, book launch and poster release followed by cultural events to celebrate the exchange of knowledge.
In the modern times of digital technology, cell phone functions as a full-fledged production centre. The world is shrinking at a fast pace and people have less time to actually sit and watch a movie on the big screen. Innovation is the need of the hour and so with the Cell phone festival, new talent and innovative entertainment is showcased through beautiful short films, still images and music videos.
The purpose of entering into this untested and unexplored front is to promote film and television in a very extraordinary way.
Global Fashion and Design Week
Global Fashion and Design Week has become an international platform to launch new designers, products, organizations and unique ideas.
It is aimed to promote fashion and design education, create awareness of national and international designers & their work, uplift the standard of the fashion and design industry and to create synergy between fashion design and other industries.
Global Literary Festival Noida
Global Literary Festival Noida is organized to bring together the brilliant and unique minds from various genres of the creative world — thinkers, readers, writers, poets, and artists. With an objective to provide enriching insights to the receptive youth of today, this festival brings forward the credible and creative work of both, the present genre’s artists and the honorable literary artists of the forgotten era.
It is aimed at providing guidance to the young minds in coping with the changing social, economic, and cultural landscape of our society, thereby, playing a remarkable role in identifying hidden talent and opening avenues for artists.