We invite applications from all those passionate people across the world who nurtures a drive to impart their accumulated and seasoned knowledge, for the creative value addition of protégé. Zeal to add value with the talent to identify both merits and lacunas of the students are a prerequisite for admittance to our family.

We recognize that latent talent can be sculpted only by the perfect blend of global media awareness and discovery. In a bid to cultivate international exposure, we regularly invite prominent media personalities from across the globe. We facilitate and encourage a constant interaction with various filmmakers, TV & media celebrities and personalities from the corporate world.

We also extend a world-wide invitation for conducting workshops, to all those, who have mastered their art in the sphere of film making, acting, TV, journalism, photography, animation & graphics, fine arts, business, media management and scripting. The resumes sent along with the applications will be attentively dissected and reviewed by our governing panel.

We believe that for every nascent talent to morph and reach an exalted state; we need selfless professionals who have the will of imparting industry-relevant knowledge. Applications are invited from all those aspirants who ensconce the fervent zeal to chisel every student’s creativity.