Hospitality and Tourism Institute
Our Hospitality and Tourism Institute provides professional education and training to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for management professionals in hotels, resorts, restaurants owners, catering departments of airlines, cruise ships, railways, armed forces, educational institutions and corporate houses.
We offer on-the-job training prospects through full-time undergraduate and post-graduate courses in Hotel Management and Travel and Tourism Management that are made with a crucial focus on the industry requirements. Every program is tailored to nurture the skills and talents of every student to help them grow and tackle challenges in the domestic and global domain.
Why Us?
•   In-House Restaurants
•   In-House Travel Agency
•   Industry Visits
State-of-the-art Infrastructure
•   Food & Beverage Production Lab
•   Food & Beverage Service Lab
•   Front Office Lab
•   Modular Kitchen
•   Fully-furnished Housekeeping Lab / Suit Room