Film, Media And Arts University
Founded as the first Film, Media and Arts University of India, the University essentially concentrates on becoming a leading provider of education in the field of Film, Media and Arts.
Significance of mass media in the modern world cannot be denied. Efficient and Ethical Journalism is what is the need of the hour!
Performing Arts
Music is something which is beyond language. Enhance your flair in music to represent your voice through artistry.
Learn the key elements of Acting: Versatility, Improvisation and Living under the skin of the given character!

Establishment of new university in the state of Chhattisgarh is meant for building equity across media education in the areas of Film Making, Journalism, Performing Arts, Advertising, Acting, Interior Design, Dance, Digital Marketing, Animation and Fashion Design. We envision to ignite the fire of learning and to foster technical advancements, creative ideas & inspiration to impact Media and Arts community as a whole.

An array of undergraduate and post graduate degrees that address the rapidly changing entertainment business are offered here.

Develop proactive thinking for the fields of Brand Communication, Public Relations, Advertising, Event Management.
Interior Design
Study of interior design fosters knowledge on the art of creating spaces that are optimally functional as well as visually appealing.
Dance is a tool of expression and communication of the feelings. Master this Art in Motion to convey different emotions and ideas.
Film Making
A good film maker is not the one who has mastered all techniques, but the one who understand his role towards the society.
Digital Marketing
This new-age field has proven its worth time again. Learn to create and grow Online Presence through different tools & techniques of this craft.
Enter the creative world of computer generated elements. Learn to create interesting animated characters, graphic designs & more.
Fashion Design
Fashion design is more than apparel designing, it is a representation of culture and form of art which goes beyond geographical boundaries.